Location: Santiago,Dominican Republic
Year: 2021
In collaboration with: Krystal Polanco & Vicel Pérez
All in drinks 2.0 is a unique project that merges both boutique, and lounge in the design. The Wine, Spirit, and cigar store is located on the first floor, and has an attached terrace/bar in the back of the building. On the second floor,  two lounge rooms that customers can rent for private events accompanied with public washrooms.
The proposal was to design the outdoor bar with the concept of creating a comfortable, aesthetically pleasing space for customers to enjoy a casual drink. By reusing old wine barrels, and wood pallets, we were able to create a rustic ambiance in the space. It was important to use authentic materials, as well as maintain a specific level of comfort in the space for consumers.
The final part of the proposal was to design, and enhance the liquor store entrances, as well as design a lounge room on the second floor. This was achieved by meticulously selecting the furniture, and proper accent pieces to enhance and illuminate the spaces accordingly.
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